Download Our Free Call Sheet Template

Regardless of the size of production, planning a video project is a complex task. The opportunities for misunderstanding are endless. Actors need to know where to show up and at what time, crew members need to know their responsibilities and all internal and external aspects of the production need to be coordinated.

If you work in film, no doubt you are familiar with the call sheet. A call sheet is a detailed schedule that informs your cast and crew of all the basic information on an upcoming shoot. It is essential for a smooth production.

Here are some crucial elements to a useful call sheet template:


The primary information on a call sheet outlines the time, dates, weather information and general call time for the production.


The locations for all scenes, the production office and the nearest hospital requires explicit detail. It is very possible that the majority of your cast and crew are unfamiliar with the area in which you are filming. Driving directions aren’t completely necessary to each location, but it is crucial that your actors and crew know where to go. If there is no professional medical staff on standby, it is imperative that you include the location of the nearest hospital.

Scene Descriptions

Your call sheet should provide clear descriptions for each scene of the day. It should also detail which cast members are required at each scene. Not everyone on your crew will have read the script, so these short descriptions can help them gain an idea of the general story.

Set Requirements

Set requirements detail the props, wardrobe and art required for the day. In the call sheet, the set requirements section should inform all members of the production on the items needed for filming, and who is responsible for them.

Contact Information

There is a chance that your call sheet has minor misunderstandings. Including contact information of the producers and directors provides the rest of the cast an opportunity to ask questions prior to production.

At Brandcave, we create detailed call sheets for every production. This free call sheet template includes every bit of information listed above along with minor details we consider necessary.